Frequently asked questions

  • Gas canisters, camping gas stoves,
  • Pressurised containers, aerosols (excluding perfumes, toiletries & medication)
  • Corrosive products, oxidising agents, irritants, toxic products, acids, damp batteries, paint, etc.,
  • Explosives (ammunition, bangers, fireworks, rockets, etc.), Inflammable products (fuel, petrol, etc.)
  • Radioactive or magnetic substances.
  • Firearms, Knives, scissors, modelling knives, razors, etc.
  • Self-defence aerosols, Aerosols (perfumes, toiletries, medication) over 100ml
  • Pointed weapons with sharp edges, blunt instruments such as truncheons, heavy or pointed sticks, Any object that could be used as an offensive weapon such as a pistol, an ice-axe, etc. Any toy or item that looks like any of the above-mentioned, or is of a nature likely to arouse fear.
  • Cannot be used during preparation for take-off, take-off and landing: portable computer, video camera, electric razor, radio, TV, Walkman.
  • Cannot be used during the whole flight: cell phone, CB radio, walkie-talkie, remote control.

If you have any doubts, ask your airline before you pack.