• Declare all your currency, valuable equipment, jewellery and gems.
  • If you have nothing to declare you can go through the  Green Channel.
  • Your Baggage should NOT contain goods for others, goods in Commercial quantities and  PROHIBITED OR RESTRICTED GOODS. Some of them are : Dangerous Drugs, Weapons & Explosive Devices, and Gold. Please visit http://www.customs.gov.lk/ for more information.
  • You are required to take back all your personal effects at your departure.

You are entitled to:

  • 1-1/2 litres of spirits, 2 bottles of wine.
  • A small quantity of perfume and travel souvenirs not exceeding US $ 250/- in value.

Professional Terms

  • Filming and Photographic or any other valuable equipment will be allowed on a valid Carnet or a Bank Guarantee, or on a refundable deposit of the duty payable on the items.

Lost or Damaged Baggage

If you happen to lose an item at the airport, you should first contact the relevant airline you are/were travelling with. It is strongly recommended that all travellers take up an appropriate travel insurance to cover any such losses that can occur as part of their journey.

If you have an enquiry about a lost or found item, here's what you can do:

Items Lost at Airport Terminal

(Tel. 011 225 2861 Ex 3813) Inquiries about lost baggage should be directed either to information desk or to the airline office.

Please proceed to the nearest information counter and the personnel on duty will assist you further.

Alternatively, you could use the online customer feedback form or email head.am@airport.lk

Baggage Storage

There are two categories of baggage storage at BIA.