Passengers over the age of 18 years of age are allowed the following free imports:

  • Two bottles of wine as well as one and half a litre of spirits.
  • Two ounces of perfume and a quarter litre of eau de toilette.
  • Travel souvenirs not intended for commercial use, of the maximum value of USD 250.

In the case of members of a family travelling together, free import is in general only allowed for two members.

Note: Customs duty and other levies are applicable on all cigarette and tobacco products. Passengers are required to declare upon arrival valuable personal affects to ensure free export.


  • dangerous drugs or narcotic substances
  • pornographic or seditious materials
  • any material ridiculing any religious belief


  • Fire arms, ammunition, explosives and weapons.
  • Plants, Fruits, Birds and their products
  • Pharmaceuticals and medicines, except for personal use.
  • Goods for commercial or trade purposes, except trade samples.

Please Note:

  • Passengers must declare all the currency, valuable equipment, jewellery and gems that they bring into the country
  • If passengers have nothing to declare they can go through the Green Channel
  • Passenger baggage should not contain goods for others, goods in commercial quantities and prohibited or restricted goods.
  • Restricted goods can be Dangerous Drugs, Weapons and Explosive Devices and Gold.
  • Passengers are required to take back all their personal effects at their departure

Professional Teams

Filming and Photographic equipment will be allowed on valid Carnet or a Bank Guarantee or on a refundable deposit of the duty payable on the items.