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Rathmalana Airport "Bakmaha Ulela 2016"

April 30, 2016

The Bakmaha Ulela 2016 organized by the Ratmalana Airport Welfare Society was held at the airport premises on 30th April 2016. This event was attended by the Chairman of AASL,Vice Chairman,Executive Director,Heads of Divisions,all staff members and their families, giving pride of place to sports events handed down by our ancestors. Many sports events were organized at this Bakmaha Ulela including traditional events such as breaking of the clay pot blindfolded, bun eating contests and placing the eye on the elephant blindfolded etc..

The Ratmalana Airport Welfare Society organizes numerous welfare activities for the betterment of their staff. The main focus of this event was to enhance the inter relationship among the all employees and related agencies.

Photos by: AASL Media