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Grid Connected solar power generation plant at BIA

June 21, 2016

Airports of all sizes are becoming increasingly environmentally aware. The proactive use of solar power is gaining in popularity as it will have an immense effect on the environment as it can help to slow/stop global warming. Further to this, it also provides energy reliability, provides energy security & energy independence apart from the gains by saving money. Scripting a new chapter, the Bandarnaike International Airport (BIA) has started to utilize solar power. This is the first Grid Connected solar power generation plant at BIA where its guaranteed life span is 25 years.

The technical inputs and support given by IT, Civil and Mechanical Engineering Divisions to Electrical Engineering Division during the design and implementation stages of this plant has immensely helped for the successfully completion of the project.

Project details at a Glance

  • Capacity of the Plant : 75 kWp
  • Location : Maintenance Building Complex
  • Total Investment for the project : Rs Million 14
  • Av. monthly Electricity Generation : 9,000 kWh
  • Av. monthly Rupee value saving for AASL due to solar Electricity : Rs. 180,000/=
  • Investment Recovery period : app. 6.5 years
  • Guaranteed life span : 25 years.

Photos by: AASL Media