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CATC Sri Lanka becomes an ICAO TRAINAIR PLUS Full Member

July 15, 2014

The Civil Aviation Training Centre – Sri Lanka, AASL’s training division was upgraded to the status of “Full Member” of the ICAO TRAINAIR PLUS Programme.

The CATC has been an associate member of the TRAINAIR PLUS programme since January 2013 subsequent to the ICAO assessment conducted in October 2012. Along with this the CATC was given the option of upgrading to a full member by contributing a Standardized Training Package (STP) to the TRAINAIR PLUS pool. The Course Development Unit of the CATC successfully developed the STP titled “Advanced Test & Measuring Techniques for ATSEP” with subject matter inputs from the Electronics Engineering Training Wing. The development process was supervised by TRAINAIR PLUS expert Mr. Hussam Abanda and the validation delivery was conducted from 22 April to 6 May 2014 at the CATC for 10 ATSEP (Air Traffic Safety Engineering Personnel) of the company. On successful validation of the STP, it was accepted into the TRAINAIR PLUS pool and the CATC was granted full membership in the programme. The gold plaque signifying this achievement was presented to the CATC by Mr. Diego Martinez, ICAO TRAINAIR PLUS Programme Manager, on 2July at the Regional Course Developers and Instructors Standardization Meeting (CDI/STD) hosted by the G M R Aviation Academy of India, at Hyderabad.

TRAINAIR PLUS is the highest accreditation granted by the ICAO to an aviation training institution. It signifies the Competency Based Training (CBT) delivery capability of the institution in accordance with the stipulations of the ICAO. In addition, full membership signifies the centre’s capability to develop training courses of the highest quality to be placed in the TRAINAIR PLUS pool, an ever growing collection of high quality training packages. The courses in the pool are accessible to all members and any member may adapt and deliver any of these courses at their centers. This networking avoids the duplication of effort and makes standardized high quality training available to all members. (Visit for the list of current members and other details of the programme).

At present, CATC Sri Lanka is the only aviation training institution in the island which possesses the ICAO TRAINAIR PLUS membership. It is the premier aviation training institution in Sri Lanka counting 30 years of service to the industry.