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Airport and Aviation Services Launched Solar Power Generation Project at BIA

November 20, 2023

Airport and Aviation Services (Sri Lanka) Private Limited has taken steps to enhance the renewable energy share to meet the growing challenges for the power and energy sector, going ahead with the sustainable development goals. On 20th November 2023, AASL commissioned its next solar photovoltaic project of a 100kWp plant on the rooftop of the passenger terminal building at BIA by investing 19 Million Rupees. It is estimated the daily power generation of 600 kWh energy units or 18000 kWh energy units per month and the generated energy would be sufficient to power 200 ordinary houses in Sri Lanka.

One of the most important features of this solar project is that the entire project designing, planning, and installation was done by in-house expertise of AASL.  The payback period of the project will be about 20 months.

Currently, AASL has installed a 210kWp capacity of Solar pv plant including a new addition, and next year it is planned to add another 1,800 kWp capacity to the system. BIA is one of the largest electricity consumers in Sri Lanka and by the end of year 2024, it is planned to increase the renewable energy share of BIA to 10% of total energy unit consumption.