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AASL Celebrated the Sinhala and Tamil New Year AASL Bak Maha Ulela.

April 28, 2023

Celebrating the Sinhala and Tamil New Year, AASL organized ‘Bak Maha Ulela’ (New Year Festival) at BIA premises on 28th April 2023 with the participation of its employees. The event commenced with the hoisting of the national flag by the chief guest of the event, Major Gen (Rtd.) G. A. Chandrasiri, the Chairman AASL was followed by various traditional sports and games representing different customs and traditions carried out as a part of the celebration of the Sinhala and Tamil New Year. The Security Services Division took the leadership in organizing this massive event with the support of all divisions of the AASL and everyone provided the fullest cooperation towards the success of this event.

There were over 23 games and competitions, including a men’s standard cycling race, a men’s marathon race, breaking Pots, tug of war (“Kamba Adeema”), pillow fight  (“kotta pora”), a lime and spoon race, a sack race, climbing the greasy pole, new year prince and princess pageant, etc. The employees of AASL participated in these games and activities with great enthusiasm and the winners were rewarded for their efforts.

It was important to note that the traditional village houses created; WEDA GEDARA (Ayurvedic house), ARACHCHI GEDARA (Arachchi : influential post in the Native Headmen System in Ceylon (Sri Lanka) during the colonial era), and GAMI GEDARA (the traditional village house) were highly attracted by the guests and participants. The event was made colorful by the music band and the aesthetically-skilled cultural troupe of the Sri Lanka Army.

Major Gen. (Rtd.) G A Chandrasiri, Chairman of AASL, Dr. Ajith Mendis, the Vice Chairman of AASL, Heads of Divisions of AASL, other invitees from various institutions, and employees of AASL attended the event.