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AASL Introduces an Online Health Declaration System to Ease the Passenger Handling Process at BIA.

October 26, 2021

Addressing the present changes in passenger travel dynamics, Airport and Aviation Services (Sri Lanka) (Private) Limited (AASL) has taken the initiative to introduce an  Online COVID-19 Health Declaration System at BIA.

The prime objective of introducing this system is to reduce the usage of physical form filling and encourage the passengers to opt into an online platform reducing the physical contact and passenger processing time. Further, as the Health Authorities will be able to receive passenger information well in advance, it will help in reviewing the passenger’s health records while reducing the queuing time.

The system can be accessed via the following link on AASL website (

Online Health Declaration for Arriving Passengers 

01. Passengers will fill the web based Health Declaration  form attaching the following documents related to the health declaration:

- Vaccination card on the 1st  dose and the 2nd  dose.

- COVID-19 test report done within 72 hours prior to departure.

Next, the passenger will submit the form online. 

02. Upon submission, passenger will have the facility to capture a QR code and will also receive an email with that QR code. 

03. Health officials at the airport will receive the passenger information before passenger arrives at the airport and they will review the information.

04. Passengers who have submitted their health declaration forms online, shall submit the QR code (either in the email or in their mobile device)  upon arrival, for scanning at the health declaration counter.

The online health declaration was launched at Bandaranaike International Airport on 26th October 2021 with the participation of Hon. State Minister for Aviation and Exports Zones Development. Hon.  D V Chanaka stated that this project was launched at BIA with the expectation of providing a convenient travel experience for our valued passengers of Sri Lanka airports and several new digital innovations will be introduced in the near future too.