Civil Aviation Training Centre

Sri Lanka

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The premier aviation training institution in Sri Lanka
A division of Airport & Aviation Services (Sri Lanka) (Private) Limited

Training Wings

The CATC has seven training wings for disciplines related to airport operations and air navigational service provision.
Air Traffic Services Training Wing
Electronics Engineering Training Wing
Aeronautical Communications Training Wing
Aviation Security Training Wing
Fire & Rescue Training Wing
Aeronautical Information Services Training Wing
Airport Management Training Wing


Welcome to CATC Sri Lanka

The Civil Aviation Training Centre, Sri Lanka is the training arm of Airport & Aviation Services (Sri Lanka) Ltd., the fully state owned company vested with the responsibility of managing all civil airports in Sri Lanka and providing aviation services within the Colombo, Flight Information Region (FIR).

We are situated at Kandawala Road, a residential sector in the industrial suburb of Ratmalana, close to the Colombo city airport.

What we offer

Our courses include all the standard programmes required for the training of personnel in the provision of airport services and all these courses are open for regional participation. In addition we also have a line up of non-aviation and general programmes for the local industrial sector.

Our resource personnel are predominantly drawn from among the qualified, experienced and trained personnel in our company’s services and are supplemented by external resource personnel drawn from the airlines, local universities, regulatory bodies and professional institutions.


The Civil Aviation Training Centre Sri Lanka was founded in 1984 through an ICAO/UNDP Project.   Its primary aim was to enable the company to train its own personnel in the specialized aviation disciplines to provide airport facilities and aviation services .  Initially, facilities were commissioned for the training of Air Traffic Controllers, Aeronautical Communication Officers, Technical Officers maintaining communication equipment, Airport Security and Fire Services Personnel.

In 1990 we acquired more training equipment under the same project for training in navigational aids maintenance.

Over the years we have grown from a company training division that caters to organizational requirements to a regional training institution which caters to the region.  We are also the national institution in Sri Lanka for training in disciplines of Air Traffic Services, Aeronautical Communications, Electronics & Air Navigation Engineering, Airport Security and Airport Fire Services.  Today, we have a TRAINAIR PLUS Course Development Unit symbolizing our ability to design training packages as per the standards stipulated by the ICAO, enabling us to deliver training of the highest quality. 

Given below is a concise timeline of our evolvement:

1984 - Founded through ICAO/UNDP project
1990 - Nav Aids training equipment commissioned
1992 - First group of international students
2000 - New ATC tower and RADAR simulator commissioned
2005 - First international affiliation
2007 - Admitted as TRAINAIR member
2009 - Fully geared for regional training
2012 - Admitted as TRAINAIR PLUS Associate member
2014 - Admitted as TRAINAIR PLUS full member



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