Civil Aviation Training Centre

Sri Lanka

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The premier aviation training institution in Sri Lanka
A division of Airport & Aviation Services (Sri Lanka) (Private) Limited

Courses Offered by CATC

Air Traffic Services Training Wing
  1. Air Traffic Control (Basic Course)
  2. Aerodrome Control - ICAO 052
  3. Approach Control /Non-Radar (Procedural) - ICAO 053
  4. Area Control /Non-Radar (Procedural) - ICAO 055
  5. Combined Radar Control/ Approach & Area - ICAO 054

Electronics Engineering Training Wing

  1. ILS Maintenance - ICAO 164
  2. DVOR Maintenance - ICAO 164
  3. DME Maintenance-ICAO 164 (TRAINAIR STP )
  4. Navigational Aids Refresher Course
  5. Management Development for Engineering Officers
  6. Computer Aided Tender Evaluation
  7. Basic Specialities in UNIX for aviation applications - ICAO 169 (TRAINAIR STP)
  8. Advanced Test & Measuring Techniques for ATSEP (TRAINAIR PLUS STP)
Aeronautical Communications Training Wing
  1. Aeronautical Mobile Service Officer Course- ICAO 171
  2. Aeronautical Fixed Service  Officer Course- ICAO 172
  3. Aeronautical Communications Service Supervisor- ICAO 176
  4. Aeronautical Message Switching Console Supervisor - ICAO 179
  5. Management Development for Supervisory Personnel -ICAO 179A
  6. Change in Environment of Aeronautical Mobile Service -ICAO 179B
  7. Modern Data Communication Concepts and System Operations- ICAO 179C
Fire & Rescue Training Wing
  1. Advanced Airport Fire Fighter Course
  2. Airport Fire Fighter Basic Course
  3. Airport Fire Fighter Refresher Course
Aviation Security Training Wing
  1. Basic Training for Airport Security Personnel - ICAO 123
  2. Refresher Training for Front Line Airport security staff
  3. Refresher Training for Supervisors & Senior Supervisors
  4. Radio Telephony for AVSEC Personnel
Aeronautical Information Services Training Wing
  1. Aeronautical Information Services Basic Course- ICAO 021
  2. Aeronautical Information Services Refresher Course -ICAO 021
  3. AIS Briefing Officer Course -ICAO 029A
  4. AIM Concepts workshop-ICAO 029B
  5. NOTAM Specialist Course
Airport Management Training Wing
  1. Ab-initio Training Programme for Airport Service Assistants
  2. Radio Telephony for Airport Management Staff
  3. Hindi Language Training for front line staff
  4. Japanese Language Training for front line staff
General Courses
  1. Diploma in Aviation Studies Programme
  2. Towards a Productive and Environment Friendly Work Place
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