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Fri Oct 09, 2015
23:09 (GMT+0530) Colombo, Sri Lanka

About Mattala - Rajapaksa International Airport


Funding Source : GOSL & AASL (AASL to provide funds for part of the project)
Project Period : 2008 – 2012


The proposed international airport, whilst serving as an alternate aerodrome to the Bandaranaike International Airport, would bring more business ventures to the region. This will reduce unnecessary congestion to Colombo and suburbs. Tourism and hospitality industry would be flourished with the integrated development of port and airport in the southern region.

Considering the economic development of southern region, it was forecasted, that over 500,000 passengers would use this airport in the year 2028 i.e. after 15 years of it’s Operation. Forecasted Cargo volume is 50,000 Metric tons and Air traffic volume is 6250 operations per annum.

To cater above service requirements a runway of 3500m length and 60m width, which will be accommodate code 4F Aircraft. Taxiway of 370 m in length and 60 m in width, Apron with 10 parking positions shall sufficient for the new airport. These are the primary civil aviation infrastructures required for an airport in international standards. A square meter 10,000 Passenger Terminal building, square meter 1,000 Cargo building and 35 m height air traffic control tower are the key element of this new airport. Modern state of art equipment will be provided to the air navigation system. Duel lane ground access system will be available from Hambantota, Embilipitiya, and Thanamalwila to the proposed airport.

Benefits of the Project

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Design Theme & Project Goals

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