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Last site update on 06th December 2016

    News in brief ........

- Valid NOTAM List - Month of DEC 2016.  View>>>


- AIC A 04/16 DATED 02 DEC  2016.  View>>>


- AIP SUP 07/16  DATED 02 DEC 2016.  View>>>


- AIP SUP 06/16 DATED 02 DEC  2016.  View>>>




- AIRAC AIP SUP 05/16 EFF 10TH NOV 2016.  View>>>

About this site....
his site will allow  you  to  access online to the electronic versions of the following elements of  Sri Lanka Integrated Aeronautical Information Package (IAIP):

  AIP Sri Lanka (with latest update)

  AIP Amendment (Last  issued)

  AIP Supplements

 AIP - Sri Lanka
The AIP is the basic Aeronautical Information document for Sri Lanka which contains static information of lasting (permanent) character essential for air navigation. It is issued in English and maintained up to date by means of AIP AMDT service.
(to view AIP, click the relevant link on the left pane) .


  Monthly List of Valid NOTAM

   AIP Amendment (AIP AMDT)
Amendments to the AIP together with checklist of AIP pages are made by means of new and replacement pages.
. (To view latest AIP AMDT, click the relevant link on the left pane)   

   Current NOTAM Bulletin  

   AIP Supplements (AIP SUP)
Temporary changes of long duration and the information of short duration which consist of extensive text and /or graphics supplementing the permanent information containing in the AIP are published as AIP Supplements.(AIP SUP). Operationally significant information are published in accordance with the AIRAC System.
( To view current AIP SUP, click the relevant link on the left pane).

Our  Vision........
To bring the operations of Sri Lanka AIS in par with ICAO Standards  in order to achieve global AIS standards and

To be the best AIS in the Asia Pacific region.

Aeronautical Information Circulars (AIC)
Aeronautical Information Circulars (AIC) contain information on the long term forecast of any major changes in legislation, regulation, procedure or facilities, information of purely explanatory or advisory nature  liable to affect flight safety, and information a explanatory nature or advisory nature concerning technical, legislative or administrative nature. ( To view current AICs, click the relevant link on the left pane).

Our Mission.........
To follow the Aviation Safety Notices (ASN) issued by the DGCA Sri Lanka and to maintain Quality Aeronautical Information Services in order to provide Timely and Accurate Information / Data

Monthly List of Valid NOTAM
Monthly List of Valid  NOTAM published on the 5th day of each month. It  contains plain language presentation (In English only) of all valid NOTAM at the time of issuing. This also includes information about the latest issues of AIP AMDT, AIP SUP, and AICs and AIP Supplements Inforce. 
(to view the last published Monthly List of valid NOTAM , click the relevant link on the left pane).  

  Current  NOTAM Bulletin 
Current  NOTAM Bulletin contains the  Sri Lanka NOTAM "A" Series  which are current at the time of viewing.(
To view the Current Sri Lanka NOTAM Bulletin, click the relevant link on left pane).

  The Sri Lanka  Integrated Aeronautical Information Package (IAIP) is published by the Aeronautical Information Services of the Airport & Aviation Services (Sri Lanka) Ltd on behalf of the Civil Aviation Authority of Sri Lanka
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